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Lumsden Belting is the result of the combined efforts of our two main divisions, Wiremation and Flexx Flow, Inc. We offer industrial conveyor belting for a wide variety of applications including food processing, heat treating, glass treating, printing, canning and many more.

Lumsden Corporate Divisions

WIREMATION CONVEYOR BELTING - manufacturers spiral woven conveyor belting. Using round or shaped wire we create belting by spiraling the wire into helixes which are connected into belting. The belts are used to process a variety of food and industrial products.

LUMSDEN FLEXX FLOW INC. - a metal belt manufacturer that forms wire into interlocking strands that connect to make single plane, highly flexible, carrying surfaces. With exceptional open area, these belts are used most often in the food processing and electronics industries.


When our company was founded by Alexander D. Lumsden, he set forth the following goals and standards to guarantee the success of Lumsden Corporation.
    Quality - Never be second best, always produce the highest quality products and make them right every time.

    Customer Service - We exist to satisfy our customers needs. All departments in Lumsden Corporation live by this principle.

    Innovation - Never stop improving our products to better satisfy our customer's needs.

    New Products - Seek out or invent new products for the businesses we serve.

    Care For Our People - As a family owned business we must always consider the needs of our employees. The success of Lumsden Corporation is a result of their efforts, skills, and performance.



Family Owned and Operated Since 1952
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Lumsden Belting Corp, A Fenner Precision Polymers Company • P.O. Box 4647 • Lancaster, PA 17604
Phone: (717) 394-6871 • Toll Free: (800) 367-3664 • Email:[email protected]
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