Filter Belts

Wiremation Filter Belts are used inside fryers to catch any particles or impurities that may be collecting in the oil. These filters will extend the life of your oil as well as minimize the formation of fatty acids.

We carry all standard sizes as stock items to ensure the shortest lead times. Our manufacturing process can also handle any custom widths or lengths you may need. Wiremation Filter Belts are the same design, dimensions and quality as your original equipment manufacturer.

Features & Benefits

  • All our filter belts receive the "white glove" treatment and are wrapped in paper to keep any hand oils or contaminates off the mesh.

  • Constructed with slug-less rivets so no slugs can fall out and damage the fryer.

  • We use Reverse Plain Dutch weave on all our filters for the tightest 80 and 60 micron openings possible.

  • Low profile Alligator laces for the flattest belt to limit catching

Available Stock Sizes:

  • 37.5" wide 80 micron
  • 37.5" wide 60 micron
  • 25" wide 80 micron
  • 25" wide 60 micron

Contact Lumsden Belting for more information or to order filter belts.

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