Introducing new Sidewinder by Lumsden. Balance weave belting has been around for over 100 years with minor improvements over time. There are companies that offer round wire and some that offer top flattened wire, but none have been able to conquer the challenge of shaping the sides of the wire, until now. Through years of R&D, Lumsden Belting has found the answer to everyone's question... How can I make my belts last longer? The answer is in the shape of the wire. With Lumsdens' patented side shaped wire design, you can extend your belt life up to 8 times longer than your current comparable belt.

  • Side shaped wire increases strength
  • Flattened sides reduce carry over
  • Greater open area
  • Minimal stretch
  • Quick and easy to splice

Side shaped wire increases strength:

With Lumsdens' patented side flattened wire, the "I-beam" design gives 3 times greater structural support for your product versus the standard round wire. With the added height of the wire you achieve a longer wear life, without needing heavier wire. Some tests have shown life increased by as much as 12 TIMES!

Flattened sides reduce carry over:

The smooth flat sides that gives our Sidewinder by Lumsden belt greater strength, also allows breading/batter to pass through more easily. With a minimum curvature at the top and bottom of each loop there is less surface area for your expensive coating to sit on. This illustration shows how the flat sides of the shaped Sidewinder spiral allows excess breading/coating to fall through without clogging. The round wire begins to build up causing blinding.

Greater open area:

By shaping the wire into taller thinner spirals, you are gaining a greater open area for cooling or drying applications. When switching to Sidewinder by Lumsden, you can use the same wire gauge as your current belt and gain more open area while lasting longer, or you can go up in wire diameter to make an even stronger belt without sacrificing the critical open area.

Minimal stretch:

Belt stretch is the biggest cause for failure on sprocket-driven conveyor belts. When the belt stretches, the sprocket teeth do not engage evenly and will begin to jump the teeth, damaging the belt and sprockets. Sidewinder by Lumsden's patented shaped wire closely replicates an "I-beam" structure. Through the Bh3 equation, Sidewinder by Lumsden's design limits the belt to only 1-2% stretch versus standard round wire or top flattened at 5-6%.

Quick and Easy To Splice:

What's the best part about splicing Sidewinder by Lumsden? You already know how to do it! Since Sidewinder by Lumsden is still a balance weave belt, the process of splicing it to make a continuous belt is the same as any of your other sprocket-driven or friction-drive balance weave belts. Lumsden always includes extra crimp rods and an installation guide in each order for your convenience.

For help splicing, click here for video guide

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