Traxx Rite® Belting

Traxx Rite® is our patented sprocket-driven line of woven wire conveyor belts. The positive driven belt ensures precision tracking of your conveyor and eliminates belt slippage in wet or oily conditions. Traxx Rite® belting is offered in a wide array of opening sizes and wire diameter.

Traxx Rite® is ideal for any application that needs air flow to cool the product, openings so that any breading or batter can easily fall through or tighter weave for smaller products to stay put for further processing. The splicing process is as simple as any balance weave belting you may already use, but much easier than other types of open surface area belting. Our Traxx Rite® line of belting is FDA approved to be used in all food processing applications.

We have designed an abbreviation of the normal 8-10 character specifications to simplify the ordering process. Please contact us if you have any questions on these.

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